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Protopopescu , Abstract time-dependent transport equations , Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications , vol. Abdallah , Weak solutions of the initial-boundary value problem for the Vlasov-Poisson system , Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences , vol.

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Bogdanov, V. Dubrovsky, M. Krutykov, D.

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Boundary Value Problems in Abstract Kinetic Theory

Chacon , Continuity and compactness of measures , Advances in Mathematics , vol. Cannone and C. Cercignani , A trace theorem in kinetic theory , Applied Mathematics Letters , vol. J , vol.

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Mendoza , Banach spaces of vector-valued functions , Lecture Note in Mathematics , vol. Cercignani , The Boltzmann equation and its application , Cercignani , On the initial-boundary value problem for the Boltzmann equation , Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis , vol. A set of general relations related to gas mixture flows in capillaries is deduced.

The possibility of non-equilibrium kinetic effects in the form of a paradoxical distribution of non-equilibrium temperature is shown. Methods of non-equilibrium thermodynamics are used to obtain the phenomenological equations describing the thermophoresis and diffusiophoresis of particles and cross phenomena. The growth and evaporation of droplets is considered based on kinetic theory and non-equilibrium thermodynamics. How does Europe PMC derive its citations network?

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